Decommissioning and Restoration

of the Zion Station

Decommissioning preparations began in 2007


  • Project start date September 1, 2010
  • Spent fuel removed from wet storage to a dry fuel storage facility. Start demolition of Fuel Storage Building by 2014
  • Completion of plant dismantlement and site restoration work (except for the spent fuel storage facility) in 2018
  • Partial site release from NRC license in 2020
  • Site ready for beneficial reuse in 2020

As radiological decommissioning work is completed and independently verified by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, ZionSolutions will:

  • demolish and remove off-site clean equipment, buildings, and structures;
  • backfill and stabilize subsurface openings and excavated areas; and
  • grade and seed the site to achieve a natural contour that blends in with the local environment.
  • After the site is restored, the electrical switchyard and spent fuel storage facility will remain, while the rest of the property is ready for beneficial reuse.