ZionSolutions Completes Transfer of 61 Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers to Dry Cask Storage Pad

Salt Lake City, Utah – January 24, 2015 – EnergySolutions’ subsidiary, ZionSolutions, announced today it has successfully completed removal of all spent nuclear fuel from the storage pool at the Zion Nuclear Power Station located in Zion, Illinois. The spent nuclear fuel has been loaded into 61 dry cask storage containers and transferred safely to the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) pad in less than 52 weeks.

“We are extremely proud of our employees for the safe and efficient job they have done in transferring the spent nuclear fuel from the fuel pool to the ISFSI pad,” said David Lockwood, CEO of EnergySolutions. “In completing this portion of the decommissioning project, we have successfully established the largest fuel transfer campaign to date in the United States, a major milestone for the project and for the nuclear industry.”

Security and monitoring of the ISFSI will be maintained by ZionSolutions until the decommissioning project is complete; at which time the operating licenses, ISFSI and the associated fuel will be transferred back to Exelon’s custody. The ISFSI and fuel will remain in the care of Exelon until such time as the Department of Energy takes possession of the fuel.

“The completion of the fuel transfer in less than a year positions the project to be completed ahead of schedule.   In addition, an earlier project completion date will further increase the profitability of the project for our Company,” added Lockwood.


For additional information please contact Mark Walker at mwalker@energysolutions.com or 801- 231 -9194.