ZionSolutions and City of Zion Sign Permit Agreement for Zion Station Decommissioning

ZionSolutions, LLC, a subsidiary of EnergySolutions Inc., announced today it has reached an agreement with the City of Zion to provide all the necessary permits required for the company to execute and complete the decommissioning of the Zion Nuclear Station.

The Agreement establishes a framework whereby ZionSolutions and the City of Zion will work together to ensure that all the necessary permit requirements under City Code are met during the life of the decommissioning of the plant.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with the City of Zion”, said Patrick Daly, General Manager of ZionSolutions.  “This is a very important step forward that enables us to maintain our momentum on scheduled decommissioning work.  We look forward to continued close cooperation with the City of Zion as we proceed with the project.”

The related activities include demolition of buildings and structures, construction of miscellaneous temporary facilities, site restoration and local landfill disposal opportunities.  ZionSolutions will work closely with City officials to ensure all permits and requirements are fulfilled during the 10-year accelerated decommissioning project.

“We appreciate the willingness of ZionSolutions to engage in constructive discussions regarding the City of Zion’s requirements as they apply to the Zion decommissioning” added Mayor Lane Harrison.  “On behalf of the City of Zion, we are delighted that we have reached this agreement. This agreement benefits both parties and we plan to continue our close working relationship with ZionSolutions as the work proceeds.”

ZionSolutions, LLC is a subsidiary of EnergySolutions that was formed specifically to undertake the decommissioning of Zion Nuclear Station.  The 10-year project is expected to be completed in 2020.

For additional comments or questions please contact Mark Walker, vice president of marketing and media relations at mwalker@energysolutions.com or 801-231-9194.