Major Milestone: Reactor Head Shipment from Zion, IL to Clive, UT

Zion, Illinois, –  November 30, 2011 – ZionSolutions, LLC, a subsidiary of EnergySolutions Inc., will be shipping a very large piece of equipment called the Reactor Head by heavy haul transporter from the Zion Station to EnergySolutions’ licensed low-level waste disposal facility in Clive, Utah.  It is anticipated that the shipment will leave Zion on Thursday, December 1.

The Reactor Head is the removable upper cover of the Reactor Pressure Vessel from Unit 2 at Zion Station.  It is approximately 17 feet in diameter and weighs 225,000 lbs.  It has been packaged in a unique, specially designed steel shipping container, approximately 17 feet in diameter and 14 feet in height.

The Reactor Head will be transported on a superload 18-axle tractor/trailer combination rig with a push tractor to assist in ascending hills.  The highly maneuverable transporter has an overall length of 173 feet 8 inches.

This overweight and oversized shipment is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It has been fully permitted to meet the requirements of each state along the route to Utah.  The transporter is equipped with satellite tracking equipment.

ZionSolutions, LLC is a subsidiary of EnergySolutions that was formed specifically to undertake the decommissioning of Zion Nuclear Station.  The 10-year project is expected to be completed in 2020.

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Reactor Head Shipment Fact Sheet