Zion Solutions, LLC, the company responsible for the decommissioning of the Zion Nuclear Power Plant, made a special presentation at the Dec. 6 Zion City Council meeting. Once again the company made a donation to the ion Fire and Police Departments in appreciation of their support. Each department received a check for $7,500. Zion Solution General Manager Patrick Daly said both departments are very professional. “We have utilized them in the past year and hope we don’t need to again.” He noted Fire Chief John Lewis is a much appreciated member of the Zion Solutions Citizens Advisory Council. Zion Solutions has generally donated to both departments and the┬áZion Solutions Community Outreach Manager Larry Booth with Deputy Police Chief Steve Dumyahn and Zion Fire Chief John Lewis after presenting a $7,500 check to each department.
city since taking on the decommissioning project. The company has donated money for downtown
surveillance cameras and for the restoration of the Zion dome.