Zion Station Community Advisory Panel

(ZCAP) Membership Charter

(pdf file:) ZS Community Advisory Panel Charter

1. The Zion Station Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) is established as a volunteer, non-regulatory body to enhance open communication, public involvement and education on Zion Station decommissioning activities. It will serve as a conduit for public information and as a formal channel of community involvement and communication with ZionSolutions.
2. ZionSolutions will provide regular decommissioning and used fuel transfer and storage updates to the ZCAP. The ZCAP serves the interests of area communities and will provide community feedback to ZionSolutions on decommissioning and used fuel related issues and activities.
3. Although not obliged to adopt the advice or recommendations of the ZCAP, ZionSolutions will, in cases of disagreement, provide the ZCAP with an appropriate rationale for the Company’s approach.
The membership will be comprised of representatives selected from legislative, business and community groups to broadly reflect diverse stakeholder viewpoints in proximity to Zion Station.
Participating groups with appointing authority:
1. Zion area Lake County Board Representative
2. District 61 Illinois House Representative
3. Zion City official or appointee
4. Winthrop Harbor Village official or appointee
5. Beach Park official or appointee
6. Radiological professional with an academic or medical background selected by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Midwestern Regional Medical Center
7. Environmental representative
8. Representative from an educational institution
9. Representative from the Greater Zion area
10. Representative from the Lake County Emergency Management Agency
11. Kenosha County, Wisconsin official or appointee
12. ZionSolutions representative
1. ZCAP members and officers will serve a two-year renewable term if the ZCAP is extended beyond two years (see Section J).
2. ZCAP members will be responsible for keeping their participating group informed of decommissioning related activities and information.
3. The ZCAP will vote to renew the terms of its existing member representatives at the end of their two year
terms. A majority vote is required for renewal. Any vacancy created by the expiration of a
member’s term will be filled by the appointing authority defined in Section B.
4. Termination of an individual will automatically occur in the event that three (3) consecutive ZCAP
meetings are missed without prior notification to the Chairperson. The appointing authority defined in
Section B will be notified by the Chairperson and/or ZionSolutions and be responsible for designating a
5. Individual membership may be resigned in writing to the ZCAP Chairperson. Membership of a
participating group defined in Section B may be resigned in writing to the Chairperson and ZionSolutions
Executive Management.
1. The ZCAP shall have a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. The inaugural Chairperson and Deputy
Chairperson will each serve a two-year renewable term. Subsequent Chairpersons and Deputy
Chairpersons will be elected by a majority vote of the ZCAP.
1. The Chairperson shall perform the following duties:
a. Call meetings of the ZCAP.
b. Approve meeting agendas.
c. Preside at ZCAP meetings.
d. Certify the accuracy of meeting minutes after approval by the ZCAP.
e. Submit to the ZionSolutions General Manager all recommendations adopted by the ZCAP.
f. Forward member resignation letters to the ZionSolutions General Manager.
g. Work with ZionSolutions administrative support to ensure the smooth flow of information to the
ZCAP and public.
2. The Deputy Chairperson will perform all the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.
3. In the event that both the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are not in attendance, a Chairperson
Pro-Tem will be selected by the members present.
1. The ZCAP will meet quarterly, or on an as-needed basis, but no fewer than two (2) times a year.
Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson.
2. ZionSolutions will arrange for a meeting venue.
3. All ZCAP meetings will be open to the public.
4. All meetings will have a public comment period that will be limited to three minutes per person.
5. Meetings will be publicly announced a minimum of one week in advance.
6. The meeting agenda, previous meeting’s draft minutes, and any pertinent information requiring review prior to the upcoming meeting will be provided to members a minimum of one week before the scheduled meeting. Wherever possible, electronic mail will be the preferred method of communicating.
7. Issues brought before the ZCAP that are not on the agenda will only be added to that meeting’s agenda following an affirmative simple majority vote of the members present. If the vote fails, the issue will be placed on the next meeting agenda.
1. Committees, sub-committees, or similar working groups may be designated by the Chairperson as needed to carry out the work of the ZCAP.
2. The Chairperson will appoint members to committees established by the ZCAP.
1. Seven (7) members will constitute a quorum for a meeting of the ZCAP at which a vote or other official action is to be taken. In the absence of a quorum, the ZCAP may convene and adjourn the meeting until such time as a quorum is present or conduct the meeting without taking any official action for the purpose of disseminating information to the public and ZCAP members.
2. A majority vote constitutes a simple majority of those members present, provided that a quorum is present.
1. ZionSolutions will provide administrative support to the ZCAP as requested and will work with the Chairperson to ensure the smooth flow of ZCAP information to Panel members and the public.
2. Administrative support will include but not be limited to typing, copying, compiling, mailing and/or emailing ZCAP documents, assisting with meeting arrangements, maintaining ZCAP documents and materials, and ensuring their availability to the public via the ZionSolutions website: www.zionsolutionscompany.com.
1. The continuation of the ZCAP will be evaluated every two (2) years. Continuation of the ZCAP beyond its initial term shall be determined by ZionSolutions.